Thursday, November 5, 2009

i know im not as good as my big sis

im a form 5 student
im taking spm this year

a lot of pressure
such as

this is a dialog between my mum n every1 that she's see or meet
(talking about my big sis)

mum;u know my daugther never get below 3.2 in her exam

people;really??waa she's very great laa,i wish a had a daughter like that


my mum allways talking about my big sis
she allways wants 2 open that issues
at the 1st i was alright
but then i feels like im the idiot in this family
i know la maa,im not gud as ur daugther
every time she open that story
i feels like she's trying 2 make me feels like a losser

its ok la maa
i understand,i wish that i was never heard that story

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